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Content & Community Manager



The Role: Content & Community Manager

Salary: Dependent on experience and open to part-time and flexible working

Based: London

Applications Close: 1 August

Technically, Sonder & Tell is a content agency that helps story-driven brands find their voice and express themselves. But really we’re a community of creatives with a mission to create better stories that spark good conversation. We work with brands to determine their unique narrative, positive culture and personality, and then use our findings to create communications that cut through the noise (whether that’s a brand blog, printed anthology or simple an Instagram caption). We believe that in this world of all-encompassing ‘content’ we don’t need more words, we just need better ones.  

Since launching 18 months ago we’ve worked on internal storytelling, including a tone of voice revamp for Airbnb and a new guide to brand communications for Birdsong London. We’ve also run digital content for the food brand Good Hemp, become community columnists for a new women’s health brand called Daye, and published a (nearly sold-out) book for the fashion brand Jigsaw in aid of Women for Women International. That all sits alongside working on events with Riposte Magazine, Soho House and Barclays and a plan to offer more workshops for content editors and marketing directors this year. 

While the core Sonder & Tell team is small (there’s two of us) our wider community includes over one hundred content creators – from freelance writers, photographers and videographers to in-house content editors at brands. We nurture this community by bringing them in for relevant client work, and also profiling them (along with their story recommendations) on our website and social channels. So a position at Sonder & Tell means working in a small team while being part of a wider community of readers and writers. 

The role of Content & Community Manager is ideal for someone who gets the same buzz from writing a piece of longform journalism as crafting the tagline for a brand; someone who loves words but has a keen visual eye; someone that loves bringing people together to share ideas.

Question and Answer

What will my responsibilities be?

Managing Sonder & Tell’s community of content creators by producing, photographing and writing editorial interviews

Producing Sonder & Tell events & workshops

Managing Sonder & Tell’s social media channels

Conceptualising and running events to engage Sonder & Tell’s community

Copywriting for a wide range of brands with varying styles and tone of voice

Working closely with the Content and Brand Director to brainstorm creative concepts

Managing a database of freelancers

Acting as a brand ambassador for Sonder & Tell by attending industry events and engaging new community members

What does the ideal candidate have?

An affinity with Sonder & Tell’s mission and values and be excited about the opportunity to work with a young, motivated team

An excellent writer, able to transition between different tones, styles and forms

Experience in the world of brand content and strategy

Experience with social media

A visual eye, able to take photographs, create social content and work with the Adobe suite

Experience with podcasts is a bonus but not essential

What are the benefits of working at Sonder & Tell?

Exposure to our growing network of content creators

A creative working environment and supportive team culture

Flexible hours

How do I apply?

To apply, please send your CV to along with answers (in no more than 400 words per question) to the following:

Why do you want to work at Sonder & Tell?

Why is the role of Content & Community Manager suited to you?

What brand/s have made an impression on you and why? (think visually but also in terms of language and tone)

What is the future of content marketing?

Tell us a story about a time when words were important?

Please list your favourite


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