Lauren Scott-Harris

Founder at EARNT and Re: Agency

Lauren Scott-Harris is the founder of brand-building agency RE: Agency, formally known as Scott Ideas, who helped shape category-defining startups like Headspace and onefinestay. She’s...

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Holly Chapman

Head of Brand at Papier

Holly Chapman loves the challenge of launching brands into new markets. Especially with no budget. That start-up, scale-up energy through and through. She did it...


Imme Ermgassen

Co-founder, Botivo

Unlike other no alcohol aperitifs, Botivo isn’t just a dealcoholised version of something people already know and love: “it’s its own thing”. But when you...


Matt Herbert

Co-founder, Tracksuit

“Is all this brand stuff we’re doing really working?” As brand marketers and strategists, we ask ourselves this question every day. Brand tracking start-up Tracksuit...


Alice Purkiss

Wellbeing and Creativity Coach, Creative and Consultant

Alice is a Wellbeing and Creativity Coach, Creative and Consultant. She’s also a former CoppaFeel! Boobette, part of a team of volunteers all affected by...


Emma Baines

Head of Creative at Tony's Chocolonely

Emma Baines’ six-year-old goddaughter can’t believe she gets to eat chocolate all day at her job. We’re jealous she gets to lead creative for a...

InterviewIona Carter

Iona Carter

Director of Brand & Creative, Wise

“Can you interrogate a hard problem together, kick it around, and step through it?” It’s what Iona Carter asks when looking for agency partners, whether...


Rosie Davies-Smith

Founder at PR Dispatch

Rosie Davis-Smith is sticking it to the PR man. Because 20 years of agency PR has taught her, you don’t need one. It’s why she...


Olivia le Roux

Creative Lead at KatKin

How do we approach a rebrand? Messaging? A… pyramid? These were questions Olivia le Roux, along with KatKin’s co-founder Nikki O’Farrell, found herself tearing into...

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