Huntly Gordon

Global Brand Marketing Manager at Yoto

Yoto is a screen-free speaker that lets kids listen to music, games, stories and bedtime soundscapes. But more than that, it’s a platform that opens...

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InterviewAnita Cheung

Anita Cheung

Artist & Illustrator

If you need someone to bring your ideas to life, then we highly recommend you speak to Anita Cheung. She’s a Vancouver-based artist & llustrator,...


Dan Nelken

Creative Director & Author

Only a select few can get away with listing their job title as ‘Chief Creative Ding-Dong’ on LinkedIn. Dan Nelken is one of them, and...


Emily Gosling

Writer & Editorial consultant at Red Setter

Great Minds Don’t Think Alike is a book that explores the working rituals of 56 creatives past and present, across design, film, art and music....


Chris Hill

Copywriter & Mentor at School of Communication Arts

The School Of Communication Arts is a hub for the next generation of copywriters. It has a network of up to 800 industry mentors, and...


Hilary Lovell

Project Manager at Sonder & Tell

Behind every creative brief, there’s a project manager making the work happen. Hilary is Sonder & Tell’s Project Manager, who joined the team at the...

InterviewAndrew Boulton

Andrew Boulton

Copywriter & Senior Lecturer at Lincoln University

“My daughter, Penelope, is 5 and is powered entirely by chocolate croissants and imagination.” Clearly the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree. We’re talking...


James North

Creative Director at MOO

For James North, life as a creative is about more than a job title. From copywriter, to Head of Copy to Creative Director, his aim...


Lucinda Toole

Strategist at Sonder & Tell

Lucinda Toole is Sonder & Tell’s new Strategist. And also one of the most recent hires to join our growing team. Not only is she...

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