At this moment, hundreds of blogs, magazines and newsletters are being dreamed up in meeting rooms, co-working spaces and makeshift offices all over the world. They promise brands insane web traffic, customer loyalty and legacies beyond their wildest dreams. At this moment, hundreds of consumers are deleting brand emails from their inbox. They’re tossing company magazines in the recycling and scrolling straight past sponsored posts. In this world of all-encompassing content, what does it take for a brand to stand out?

At Sonder & Tell we combine smart strategy with innovative storytelling to create communications that cut through the noise. Our aim is to create a unique personality for your brand and a way of expressing your story which resonates with your target audience. Are you smart? Do you crack jokes? What gets you angry?

Then it’s about drawing out an organic narrative to be communicated across all touchpoints – from website copy and product descriptions to email communications. Newsflash: you might not even need a blog. Content is not about ticking boxes, but about telling authentic stories where it counts.  

When it’s right we can turn brands into publishers, calling on the support from our community of creators and expert writers to produce good stories that spark good conversation. 

What keeps you up at night?

  • "Our brand story is all about the founder"

  • "Our Instagram makes me cringe"

  • "Our product is lacking personality"

  • "We spend hours on a blog that no one reads"

Internal Communications

Looking in

Brand story

An editorial narrative to align your team and future-proof your business

Brand personality

Are you funny but never silly? We'll build a human portrait of your brand

Tone of voice

A brand language, because it's not what you say but how you say it

Brand culture

Every good brand stands for something beyond their product

Ethics and values

How can you have an impact with your business?

Brand blueprint

All of the above, compiled in one story-driven presentation

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External Communications

Speaking out

Content marketing strategy

Using the hygiene, hub, hero model
we’ll set you up with a starter strategy for communications


We'll tell your story where it counts, from your about us page to your Instagram bio

Digital editorial

Newsletters, blogs and social media campaigns

Print editorial

Books, newspapers, magazines – you name it, we can write it (and print it)

Tone of voice workshops

Getting your team comfortable with communicating your brand language

Storytelling workshops

A live session on creating connections through stories

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Our Clients


  • “I would recommend Sonder & Tell for moving mountains: defining a brand voice, developing a content strategy from scratch, and delivering inspiring work. They brought innovative, human, insightful concepts to the table and the writing itself was premium, fresh, moving and editorial.”

  • I’ve learned more about targeted consumer copywriting in a year of working with Sonder & Tell that I have in countless years before”

    Good Hemp
  • "Sometimes I have to remind myself that Sonder & Tell is an agency, that Kate and Emily don’t work at Jigsaw. I’ve been working so closely with them for the last six months that they feel part of my team. Clever, witty, imaginative, driven, brilliantly-networked – I could keep going. Here's to the next project"

  • "Sonder & Tell took the time to really understand our brand story and business goals before jumping into any creative work. Then, when they dived into developing our content marketing strategy it was bursting with brilliant ideas an easy to execute strategy.”

  • “Thanks to Sonder & Tell’s work we’ve seen a huge amount of growth, and had plenty of comments on our increased clarity of message. We've had Instagram users saying whoever does our comms is genius when we put up their copy.”

  • “Sonder & Tell have the capacity to bring to life a story you didn’t even realise you had. They redefined what made our business tick and their work has energised our team and united everyone in one mission.”

  • “We have been overwhelmed with the positive response for Sonder & Tell’s work from our clients and those that work in the travel industry. It stands out from our competitors and we have received constant praise for a brochure that captures the company's personality so clearly”.

    Joro Experiences

Who we work with

Story-driven brands

We work with people that see their brand identity as a key business driver and who value the art of storytelling. Are you a small company with no idea how to tell your story online? A business looking to scale without losing their identity? Or a large brand that lacks emotional connection?

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Charities + Social Enterprises

If you are having a positive impact on the world, we are always open to working with you on a discounted or pro-bono basis. Are you a large charity struggling with social media? A small social enterprise with no consistent tone of voice?

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