Rosie Davies-Smith

Founder at PR Dispatch

Rosie Davis-Smith is sticking it to the PR man. Because 20 years of agency PR has taught her, you don’t need one. It’s why she...


Olivia le Roux

Creative Lead at KatKin

How do we approach a rebrand? Messaging? A… pyramid? These were questions Olivia le Roux, along with KatKin’s co-founder Nikki O’Farrell, found herself tearing into...


Kristen Naiman

Chief Creative Officer at The RealReal

How do you evolve aesthetically without creating waste? What’s the true value of our stuff? What’s healthy about surrounding yourself with beautiful things that speak...


Heather Rennie-McGill

Director of Marketing and Sales at Rabbie’s

How do you cut through the noise of the crowded tourism industry? It’s a question that Heather’s explored for years in travel marketing – from...


Guy Jones

Co-Founder at The GoodNet

In an era where technology and purpose converge, creating meaningful connections and fostering positive change has become a pivotal pursuit. We sat down with Guy...


Victoria Imerelli

Brand Investor at JamJar Investments

‘If people don’t align internally, there’ll always be something missing. Your first hires should be people obsessed with the product, who’d be power users if...


Billy Fox

Brand Investor at Active Partners

Billy Fox is one of the brand investors at Active Partners, where he spends his time unearthing the most exciting companies across the consumer landscape...


Libby Gibson

Founding Partner at Piper Private Equity

‘A clear strategy means everybody inside the business knows why you exist and so do consumers. It gives you confidence in what you do and...


Maurice Ajanaku

Former Global Brand Director at CitizenM

Staying at citizenM is like being in constant conversation with the brand. From the ambassadors casual dress as they ask “need a coffee?” to the...

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