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“Thanks to the brilliant minds at Sonder & Tell, we embarked on a full repositioning journey.

In 8 short weeks, we went from guessing most marketing decisions to knowing exactly who we are, what we stand for, what we’re against and exactly what we should be saying.”

– PR Dispatch

“We’re totally thrilled with the brand story and tone of voice work.

It’s a brilliant piece – and is going to be the most incredible platform for us to have as we charge into the next phase of growth and securing brand differentiation along the way”

– Lick

“Sonder and Tell got into our customers’ heads, and by the end of our time together, knew the golf market better than we did.

The world they built for our brand and customer was clear and original – like any good story. By the end of it, our team was perfectly aligned over who we were, and how the brand had to act and behave to be successful. In part, the process worked so well because we were taken along every step of the journey. We felt in control but were pushed to take our brand somewhere it had never been.”

– Manors


​​“Sonder and Tell have been wonderful partners to the UK Bumble team and helped us craft our localised tone of voice.

They ensured all team members were trained correctly in how to use the guidelines and held workshops. The whole process was enjoyable and has left us with guidelines which help us streamline our onboarding process for new joiners and agencies.”

– Bumble


“Working with Sonder & Tell means you find out who you are.

The positioning work has been transformational for how we operate as a brand and a business. We only wish we’d done it sooner.”

– KatKin

“Sonder & Tell managed to truly unearth the soul of who we are as a business.

They refined our brand positioning and channelled it into a distinctive customer-facing story and tone of voice that goes far beyond words. Thanks to their support, every touchpoint of the brand feels like us. They helped articulate why we are all so proud to be working for the brand we do.”

– Wild Nutrition

“Sonder & Tell turned a brief as chaotic as family life into an inspired bit of brand thinking.

And just as our new brand book is a joy to work with, so too was the S&T team. They balanced head-in-the-clouds creativity with the clarity of seasoned wordsmiths, delivering a toolkit that’s both delightful and practical.”

– Yoto

Brand Identity

What makes a great brand?

Mission, Vision, Values

Money aside, why does your business exist? Decide the future you want to build.

Brand Positioning

Heroes, villains, magic powers. Use our storybook framework to explore your role in the category and customer’s lives. Land on a springboard for growth.

Personality & Tone of Voice

Talk the talk. From HR to PR, marketing to ops. An ownable personality and tone, with memorable, useable guidelines is the way to do it.


Spark conversations and capture imaginations. A good story behind your name speaks for itself.

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Creative Communications

How do you tell your story to the world?

Brand Narrative

Craft a story customers connect with and share. Make your brand world real-world.

Crafting Copy

Web, OOH, campaigns, packaging. Put the right words to work, across touchpoints.

Brand Playbook

From blue-sky thinking to feet on the ground. Running with ideas.
Ideas into action. A practical tool for your team to bring your positioning to life.

Brand Embedding

Shift culture in every corner of your business. Rally your team. Unite behind your goals.

Training Storytellers

Teach your team to use your voice and level up their writing skills.

Content Strategy

Plan how best to tell your brand story across every platform.


Interactive sessions to generate ideas, upskill and get teams thinking.

Marketing Narrative

Look ahead to the future. What perceptions need shifting to get you there?

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