Cath Kidston

Make your customer the hero.
Take the leap.

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Defining what makes Cath Kidston, Cath Kidston
Shouting about hand-drawn prints and the design team that bring them to life
A distinctly British tone of voice (and a dash of British optimism too)
Celebrating everyday adventures
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Key Copy

  • Ever heard an old song and been transported back to a carefree time? Tasted something and instantly remembered a moment from your youth? You feel lighter, happier, safer – and carry it with you.

  • Our hand-drawn prints are designed to help our customers stop and smell the roses. To light up that playful side they didn't know was missing.

  • Our team of in-house artists spend months dreaming, drawing and designing new stories which spark memories – of happy times, nature-filled afternoons, and the quirks that make us distinctly British.

  • Take the leap, even when there's a strong chance of puddle splash.

  • Our sunny staples are made for real life – the running around latte-in-hand kind of life.

“Your ability to capture the essence of a heritage brand for today’s customer is both poetic and relatable. 

I very much appreciate and enjoy your nimble, creative minds….to believe in and ruminate on our intention, and to transform our branding statements into well-crafted messages that endure and amplify the overall narrative.” 

– Melinda Prairie, CEO

The Resolution

Inspire the everyday optimist

Cath Kidston needed to flip their thinking – from what is the “Cath Kidston story” to what is the role we play in the story of our customers lives.

We identified their audience as those who choose joy and live it confidently, which in today’s world is a bold act. In their everyday lives, Cath Kidston would be a reminder to tap into that more joyful, playful side of themselves with a mission to inspire the everyday optimist. 

How? Through hand-drawn prints that spark memories – of happy times, carefree moments and Great British quirks that live on inside their customer’s minds. Memories, that would propel them forward to shine. In a British tone of voice that balanced their nostalgia and joy, with optimism and confidence.