Think different, do different.
Embrace Wonky.

Storybook Positioning
Tone of Voice

We took DASH's 'Water. Bubbles. Wonky* Fruit' and spun it into a brand concept called The Wonky World View.
Wonky thinks different, does different, does more for people and the planet.
When you look with the Wonky World View, you see potential everywhere.
Find magnificence in the mundane. See the aluminium lining in the things that go awry.
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  • Wonky is the feet on the ground, face to the blue sky asking: what limit?

  • Think like a sponge and daydream like someone who never knew there was even a box to think out of. Only opportunities, never problems.

  • You don’t just see the good, but you really taste it too. Wrap your mind and lips around a life inspired. Drink up.

Amazing, incredible piece of work. You’ve enabled us to become authentically DASH.

– Jack Scott, Co-founder

The Insight

We discovered that their customer – creative DASHer’s and DOer’s – have high standards.

They’re too in awe of life to waste a moment on second best or sacrifices. They believe, when something isn’t good enough, “there’s always a better way…”

So we gave DASH a voice and concept that gets everyone’s minds bubbling with inspiration. A North Star to not only guide the team on how to speak to their customers, but a new perspective that they infuse into new product launches and campaigns.