The world is bonkers.
Homethings makes sense.

Brand Positioning
Tone of Voice

What We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We Did
Copy for planet-positive pods; laundry doesn't need to be another load on your mind.
A brand name that stretched to new product verticals.
A creative platform for bonkers brand activations.
A brand that made five dragons say yes.
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Key Copy

  • The world is bonkers. A quick plunge into the internet is all it takes to realise that – directories of celebrity feet and YouTube videos of tiny hamster eating tiny burritos, pigeons wearing cowboy hats in Vegas.

  • Single-use plastic makes as much sense as Kim Jong Un riding a horse.

  • Let's hang plastic pollution out to dry.

“Working with Sonder & Tell gave us both a name and north star for our brand before we even launched. In a collaborative process, they identified our aspirational customer and positioned us with a story and personality-driven tone to cut through. We used their strategy as a brief for our initial visual identity and years on we still use it as the launch pad for marketing activations and product development too.”

– Matthew Aubrey, co-founder

The Insight

When the world feels bonkers, you look for sense.

At the time of creating Homethings, there was a collective feeling amongst young people that the world was pretty bonkers. Trump was out of control. The internet was awash with pictures of Kim Jong Un riding a horse. The world was heating up. Fast. And it felt like there was nothing they could do about any of it. When it came to the single-use plastic problem, and rallying people around the bonkers fact that 90% of your cleaning product is water….we needed to make the problem feel solvable, and the solution sensible.

The Result

New product, fresh distributions, five yeses on Dragons Den.

Since launching in 2020 (the year of cleaning) Homethings has secured tens of stockists including Waitrose, Booths, Wholefoods while reaching over 10,000 subscribers. They were named The Grocer’s Start Up of The Year 2022 and in 2023 launched a tap-dancing TV add rooted into the bonkers and sense strategy we’d set them up with three years before. Oh and they cleaned up on Dragons Den with five yeses and full-on dragon fight between Peter Jones and Deborah Meaden. Bonkers, indeed.