Powering the hiring journey, for everyone.
Getting you ahead.

Storybook Positioning
Tone of Voice

Powering the hiring journey, for everyone.
People can count on us to get them moving.
Giving you the power to get ahead and stay there.
A better hiring world is one that never stops moving.
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  • More than an off-the-shelf product, inploi’s team work closely with hiring managers to adapt their strategy as needed.

  • We want to build a better hiring future for everyone: the people finding jobs and the businesses hiring them.

  • The Held-Back Hiring Hero cares about making life better for people, teams and the businesses they power.

Looking around the room you could see people nodding, no matter how long they’ve been in the company, they were excited to finally be able to express our mission in one sentence: Powering the hiring journey, for everyone. I’m glad we did it at that stage as it has made it much easier to grow our team and align new hires to our company mission and our customer hero.

Alexander Hanson-Smith, Co-Founder

The Approach

Moving is improving.

We got under the skin of what sets inploi apart. Speaking to existing customers, digging deep into competitor and parallel brands, and bringing it all together in a lively workshop. We painted a picture of inploi’s hero, magic power and brand belief, and unpicked what the brand needs in its next stage of growth.

With this as our foundation, we landed on a creative idea at the heart of inploi’s culture, product, clients and the category: moving is improving. We brought together the practical value the brand brings clients, as well as its vision to make hiring better for everyone.