Mindful Chef

Shake off the worthy image.
Be the feel-good friend instead.

Tone of Voice

All the alliteration; all the joy
A simple switch from we've donated to you've donated makes the customer the hero
List and twist.
Up the energy with pace and rhythm. Ask questions. Balance short sentences with long.
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Key Copy

  • We know what it's like to wake up on a Sunday with a sore head and with the ever-so-slightly smug feeling when you skipped out on the wine.

  • Serve your friends fennel-roasted salmon like you always cook with fennel.

  • Mindful Chef is not the Mark Wahlberg of healthy eating – pumping iron, visiting the cryo chamber, and consuming 10 turkey meatballs all before 10AM.

  • Ellsey’s has been brewing organic vinegars in Wigan for the best part of a century. They’re sharp, tangy and mop-up-from-the-bowl good.

The TOV Sonder & Tell created for Mindful Chef is helping us shake off our worthy image and show we’re living in the real world with our customers. They gave us the practical writing guidelines to make our copy feel relatable, joyful and energetic every day. And rallied our team to start putting it into practice through great workshops and a messaging framework we use as a bible.


– Gemma Hosking, Head of Brand

“The whole project really lifted everyone up – in spirit and voice.”

– Mindful Chef copywriter

The Approach

The feel-good friend.

We built out a personality for Mindful Chef that was separate from the founders. That the team could embody every time they wrote. The friend who won’t reprimand you for Saturday’s sins but makes the days when you’re “being good” feel joyful. Turning up Whitney Houston, roaring the gas ring into life, cooking by your side. 

We rooted the tone of voice in three key words: relatable, joyful and energetic with a set of practical writing guidelines that helped their team bring it to life cross-platform. Think: cultural references, twists on clichés and all the compound adjectives.