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What if death was less of a full stop – and more like a question?
A way to connect while we're here. And after we're gone.
Sparking conversations that connect generations.
Encouraging us to leave more than money to the ones we love.
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Key Copy

  • Death. The full stop waiting for us at the end of our lives. But what if we’re thinking about it all wrong?

  • What if death is less of a full stop – and more like a question. Not the last word, but an invitation. For more words, more conversation.

  • Yes, talking about death can be scary, but so are all the other important conversations in life.

  • Talk about death with someone you love and you might be surprised: it has the power to connect us.

Amazing work from an incredible team…Thank you for pulling it out of the bag to deliver such life and nuance in such a complex and potentially dreary space.” 

Eliza Elliott, Head of Brand & Growth Marketing

The Insight

Death connects us

People are not prepared for death. Practically, financially, emotionally. And why would they be? Our brains are actually hardwired to avoid it. That’s because we see death as the end, disconnection from all we know and love.

But if we let it, death has the power to connect us. To ourselves. Our purpose. One another. While we’re here, and after we’re gone. And if we start to think about our legacy – what we will leave behind – it opens up the conversation.