Flipping estate agency in
our customer’s favour.

Brand Strategy
Tone of Voice
Business Strategy
Design Partnership

What We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We Did
Giving Purplebrick's newly merged team a reason to believe in the brand – and the bigger picture.
Connecting customers and teams through a shared entrepreneurial self-starter mindset.
Helping home buyers and sellers see the other side of the process.
Making people feel proud to put the Purplebricks board outside their home.
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Key Copy

  • You’re right to question it: your home is a big deal. And for too long, this industry has sold everyone half the story.

  • Lack of transparency masks a well-known truth: the UK’s house-selling process is the same now as it was 200 years ago. Broken.

  • We’re estate agents, not double agents.

  • Own your next move. Pick and mix the services you want, from full support all the way to free.

“Working with Sonder & Tell has been a process of unlocking the potential within our brand that was there all along, but we needed their guiding hand to lead us. And the creation of the storybook strategy itself has gone far beyond just marketing – it has crafted a narrative for the wider business that informs our living room sales pitch, our hiring, values and culture, and our commercial performance.” 

Phil Lloyd, Chief Marketing Officer

The Insight

Most of us have thought:

“I could do a better job myself.”

Our research revealed that both teams and customers shared a proud self-starter mindset. They’re proactive people who don’t settle for the way things have always been done. Who think: “I could do a better job of this myself”. Then actually do. 

This frustration at the industry – that only tells you one side of the story, and a house-selling process that’s the same now as it was 200 years ago – was something they shared. So what if we could build a brand that brought customers in on the act?