Driven by curiosity.
Guided by storytellers.

Brand strategy
Tone of voice
Web copy
Design agency briefing

What We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We Did
New, ambitious company-wide mindset.
A brand that stretches internationally.
Collecting stories for people to carry home and carry on as their own.
Cultural change and training.
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Key Copy

  • When you’re driven by curiosity, you look beyond the landmarks.

  • Stories move us. Through mountains, cities and sticky-floored pubs. No track too small, too trodden or obscure.

  • Collecting stories like souvenirs. Hear them. Tell them. See how they grow. Big stories start small. So buckle up.

Sonder & Tell have taken us on a magical journey to discover what sits at our core. They’ve helped to remind us of who we are, why we do what we do, and most importantly – who our hero is. They’ve helped craft our purpose, vision and values into an engaging story and have been instrumental in helping us to ember that throughout our cross-business teams. They’ve given us something to rally around together and help us stand out from the crowd.”

Heather Rennie, Director of Marketing & Sales

The Concept

Driven by curiosity.

We find the stories that go deeper and live longer in travellers’ minds. On our journeys, everyone’s hungry for the little-known or just-happened, and we can go after them: no track too small, too trodden or obscure. Together, we turn spaces into places we never forget.

The Result

One unified mindset.

Rabbie’s has launched a new visual identity embodying their new story, created by Touch. But bringing their brand to life runs deep through all corners of the business. We ran an embedding programme engaging teams from leadership, to operations, to customer service and everything in between. Building the mindset and tools needed to transform the brand from the inside out.