Making change, until it fits.

Storybook Positioning
Creative Copy

Change is the only constant, and we’re here for it. We believe in making change, until it fits.
An agent of change, taking a stand against bad fits and broken things.
Change the way we feel about our clothes and ourselves.
Here to help customers reshape the fashion industry.
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  • Fashion doesn’t fit. Our bodies. Our values. Our planet. So let's take a stand, until change is standard.

  • Trends come and go, hemlines rise and fall, people grow and change.

  • From the moment you buy a new dress, to the day you restore it for your daughter, we’re here for change.

We loved what Sonder & Tell did for us. When we came to them, we were passionate about our mission and vision, but everything we were doing lacked cohesion. At the time, we were a team of two with no creative expertise, struggling to communicate to customers who we were, what we offered and what we stood for. Sonder & Tell brought that expertise. Our workshop and subsequent meetings are some of my most joyous memories I have of building SOJO – they were engaging, fun and (above all) inspiring. I’m so glad we did this brand work early in SOJO’s journey. It’s given us a clear direction and guides big business decisions as we grow.

Josephine Philips, Founder

The Approach

Unite the hero

We united SOJO’s B2B and B2C customer as the conscious changemaker. Those wanting to do better, be better, and create better for their business and themselves. And built SOJO’s brand as their partner in change: helping people and businesses reshape wardrobes and the fashion industry. Together, taking a stand against bad fits and broken things and a belief in making change “until it fits”.