Creating events as original as you are.

Brand strategy
Tone of voice
Design partnership

What We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We Did
Positive supplier reception and increased supplier uptake.
A new brand that reflects the teams' energy.
Unified team and clear, usable brand direction.
$8.5M new investment secured.
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Key Copy

  • The lights, the flowers, the queue for the mind-blowing mini burgers. The OMG did you see, the photos, and the flashbacks and the moments together.

  • Togather is here to make the memory-making easier, bringing together visions and visionaries, ideas and idealists, to create events as original as you are.

  • Behind the flashbulbs and the floristry and the fun, is the hard work, the ideas that tried and died, and all the battling behind the scenes.

It’s liberating to have a brand that reflects us. It’s like moving from clothes you’re not comfortable in, to ones where you’re completely at home.

Hugo Campbell, Co-Founder

The Approach

We curate. You create.

Having a vision is one thing. Making it a reality is another. With a sea of inspiration out there, how do you set about doing things your way? When an event reflects on you, there’s a lot riding on it, which is why we take the time to get to know both you, and every single one of our hand-picked (and always top-rated) suppliers. That way, we can make the perfect match, whatever the event. Backed up by our time-saving tech, you just need to tell us what you’re looking for and when, and we’ll sift through all the right options for you, connecting you with the people who will make your dreams a reality.

The Result

A new sense of direction.

Togather has unlocked their next stage of growth, with new verbal and visual identity embodying their new story. As a result of launching their new brand positioning, they’ve generated 31% more corporate leads, and converted 39% more corporate customers. But most importantly, they now have a unified team and a clearly defined brand direction.