Wild Nutrition

Embracing complexity.
Harness the power of nature.

Storybook Positioning
Tone of Voice
Brand Story

Naturally effective supplements, proven in research and in real life.
Harness the power of earth’s most potent ingredients and the knowledge of experts in women’s nutrition.
Rise to every challenge. Transform your health.
Don’t just understand your complexity but celebrate it, and support it too.
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  • You are 3.5 billion years in the making. A system of 206 bones, 100 trillion cells and 90,000 miles of nerves passing signals from head to toe.

  • You’re also the memory of learning to ride your bike and the scars from when you tumbled off.

  • Life shapes you like a coast carved by the ocean. You are a force of nature. A scientific marvel. Complex. Human. Wild.

Sonder & Tell managed to truly unearth the soul of who we are as a business. They refined our brand positioning and channeled it into a distinctive customer-facing story and tone of voice that goes far beyond words. Thanks to their support, every touchpoint of the Wild Nutrition brand feels like us. They helped articulate why we are all so proud to be working for the brand we do.

– Henrietta Norton, Co-Founder and Nutrition Director

The Insight

So much of the supplements industry focuses on a convenience message. But do customers really want to be told that their complex health concerns are as easy to solve as 1,2,3?

The industry plasters over your individual needs with one-size-fits-all pills and synthetic ingredients – using artificial nutrients, preservatives and over-inflated doses your body struggles to absorb. It’s a quick fix when what you need is a deeper, real-life understanding of what’s going on inside. A natural way to approach your natural complexity.