Find purpose beyond your product.
Make it an adventure.

Storybook Positioning
Tone of Voice

Kids are natural explorers, let's give them the freedom to go where they'd like
Yoto is safe, so kids can be free
energetic, stimulating sentences that give off a sense of excitement at what's ahead
Explorers at the ready
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  • Childhood is an incredible adventure, discovering the world and your place in it. And no two adventures will ever look the same.

  • Today they're a bedtime hero. Tomorrow a scientist. And the next day who knows? The story of who they are is one they get to write. 

  • A story from grandad about a mischievous dad. A message from mum while she's away. A radio show by the whole family.

Sonder & Tell turned a brief as chaotic as family life into an inspired bit of brand thinking. And just as our new brand book is a joy to work with, so too was the S&T team. They balanced head-in-the-clouds creativity with the clarity of seasoned wordsmiths, delivering a toolkit that’s both delightful and practical.

– Huntly Gordon, Brand Marketing Manager

The Approach

Childhood is an adventure.

Parents loved that Yoto stood for independence and imagination and that it was a brand that could grow with their kids. So we set their mission: to inspire kids to lead their own adventure. And wrote a story that spoke to the sense of freedom that Yoto and parents could give to kids. It recognised that every kid is as unique as the journey they’re on. And when you give them the freedom to explore who they are and what they like, the possibilities are endless. Their imagination is the limit. Yoto’s role? To open up new paths and possibilities as kids to listen, learn and play at their own pace. Help them walk taller every day. All while making sure they’re safe to chart their own path.