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Dipal Acharya

Director of Arts & Entertainment The Evening Standard Magazine Founder Somewhere for the Weekend

What better place to learn the ins and outs of journalism than the weekly Evening Standard magazine? Dipal Acharya served as Arts and Entertainment Director...

InterviewSimran Randhawa

Simran Randhawa

Model & Journalist

When Simran Randhawa first came across gal-dem it was just a Facebook group at the University of Bristol. In a predominantly white, middle class and...


Ana Santi

Editor-in-Chief Jigsaw

Ana Santi is out of 28 women writers to contribute to Sonder & Tell’s book Comfort Zones, published by Jigsaw (order here) Ana Santi is...


Mimi Aborowa

Founder ìrìn journal

Mimi Aborowa says when a traveller embarks on a journey, there is always a picture they are pursuing, whether it is “the cobblestone streets of Paris,...

InterviewElliot Ross Photographer

Elliot Ross


Elliot Ross is a photographer whose work engages with themes of political borders and geographic isolation. It makes sense, then, that he’s travelled to some...

InterviewGenevieve Allison

Genevieve Allison

Travel Journalist

Imagine travelling the world with your partner and getting paid to write about it. Well, Genevieve Allison has made that dream a reality. After spending...

InterviewJameela Elfalki Azeema Magazine

Jameela Elfalki

Editor-in-Chief Azeema

“Belonging to different cultures and ethnicities can sometimes be confusing as a young woman,” writes Jameela Elfaki in Azeema – the print publication for Middle...


Maame Adjei

Producer Girl Going Places, Actor An African City, Writer

We first met Maame on a trip to Ghana for the travel magazine SUITCASE. A rising star in Accra, she had just finished playing Zeinab...

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