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Tone of Voice

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Headlines we wrote for a collab between Bumble and Uber Eats
The Bumble social team leaning into relatability
The Bumble UK team used our TOV guidelines to inform OOH campaigns
We wrote headlines and press release for a virtual dating campaign in lockdown
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Key Copy

  • Is that dog in your profile picture actually yours? Do you clap when a plane lands? How are you with overbearing mothers (in particular, mine)?

  • Human beings need connection like Brits need tea (read: especially in times of crisis).

  • Racing heart. Dry mouth. No, not a flashback to your driving test just a normal reaction when making the first move.

Sonder and Tell have been wonderful partners to the UK Bumble team and helped us craft our localised tone of voice guidelines. The whole process was enjoyable and has left us with guidelines which help us streamline our onboarding process for new joiners and agencies. It’s given us a way to ensure consistency across our comms.

– Naomi Walkland, Director EMEA Marketing

The Approach

A British girl’s best friend.

We took inspiration from Bumble’s community and based the UK tone of voice on a British girl’s best friend. The kind of person that keeps your confidence up with messages like “you’ve got it today!” and “go for it girl”.

She makes every move feel possible but she also makes it feel fun. She believes there’s joy that comes from making the first move, and she wants you to experience it for yourself.