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Find your voice.
Create a speed dial for tone.

Tone of Voice

An about us as punchy as an F-Type at the school gates
Say more with less
Applying that bold voice to travel
An experiential tone that puts customers in the moment
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Key Copy

  • The F-TYPE is Bowie in a room full of bankers.

  • You’ve booked. Your car’s delivered. Now you’re on your way to Barnett Hill Hotel with the top down.

  • A great customer service or sales conversation should feel like we’re dangling the keys to the best drive of their life. Right in front of their eyes.

The Resolution

A speed-dial for tone

We hopped into the driver’s seat and took THE OUT’s tone of voice for a spin. And decided that all they needed to do was switch gears. We built out the concept of a speed dial – with tone of voice words for 20/40/80/100 MPH – that their team could control depending on the situation, the hazards and the driver (that’s the writer). That could be used across customer service, social media, product copy and advertising campaigns.

“I’ve worked at and with many good – and some bad – creative companies. Honestly, Sonder & Tell are really good. They got into and under the brand quickly. Then added some much-needed magic and discipline to our comms. All whilst being a total pleasure to work with.”

Aaron cole, Chief Marketing Officer