Hardcore for cats.
100% love hard. 0% fluff.

Brand Strategy
Storybook Positioning
Tone of Voice

Making hardcore love the new standard for cat care.
100% fresh cooked meat, for 100% carnivore cats
Hardcore cat parents bear scratches and don't flinch at love bites
A brand as uncompromising as their cats
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  • Hardcore cat parents love hard even when love bites.

  • We get eye-level litter trays and screw our noses at ingredient labels. Why? Because we’re all in for cats.

  • Love hard, feed fresh.

Working with Sonder & Tell means you find out who you are. The positioning work has been transformational for how we operate as a brand and a business. We only wish we’d done it sooner.

Brett O’Farrell, Founder

The Insight

Cutting the fluff.

Very early on we identified that KatKin were uncompromising in their values. They were willing to do things the hard way if it meant it was the best for cats. And turns out cats and their owners were pretty hardcore too…

The image of the sweet, fluffy cats and their owners was ripe for disruption. Because cat parents bear scratches and don’t flinch at love bites. And in the words of one reddit user: “cats have more punk in them than any other animal.” When cats and cat parents love, they love hard. So we built a brand story and world for them.