Rude Health

Choose one message.
Tell it the bright way.

Brand Strategy
Brand Story
Tone of Voice

What We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We DidWhat We Did
We reworked Rude Health's newsletter and named it The Bright Relief
Bright and bold copy for roast almond and oat drink
How do you attract the best applicants? Write job ads in your tone of voice.
And make absolutely nothing for finger-waggers
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Key Copy

  • You’ve heard about the right or wrong way to be healthy. At Rude Health we talk about the bright way. About trusting your instincts and following your tastebuds. About championing real flavour over restrictions.

  • Call us pleasure-pursuers, flavour-fiends, glug-it-from-the-glass types – we’ll take it. We're unashamedly addicted to the deliciousness of life.

  • Our copy feels like a splash of cold water to the face. Or if you prefer: a dash of fridge-cold almond milk from the glass.

We’ve worked on a few brand positioning projects in our time. This is the first where we’ve got to a place that is instantly usable and directly translatable across all our channels. Sonder & Tell’s ability to combine strategic thinking and creative wordsmithing has given us a honed, developed and focused brand position that has moved us forward leaps and bounds as a business. As a team, they went above and beyond at every turn.

– Georgina Thomas, Marketing Director

The Approach

The bright way to be healthy.

The world of dairy-free drinks is one of finger wagging and good versus bad ingredients. Where most brands are selling on functionality with pale imitations of milk. Not Rude Health. Theirs is a flavour-first approach to food. And to life. Their drinks have bright and bold flavours for people who make the healthy choice a celebration and not a sacrifice.

We honed in on this delicious brand positioning and built out a brand story and tone of voice which brought flavour to the fore. Complete with guidelines and a workshop for their team to communicate this glug-it-from-the-glass mentality for themselves.