“We’ve worked on a few brand positioning projects in our time. This is the first where we’ve got to a place that is instantly usable and directly translatable across all our channels.

Sonder & Tell’s ability to combine strategic thinking and creative wordsmithing has given us a honed, developed and focused brand position that has moved us forward leaps and bounds as a business. As a team, they went above and beyond at every turn.”

– Rude Health

“We’re totally thrilled with the brand story and tone of voice work.

It’s a brilliant piece – and is going to be the most incredible platform for us to have as we charge into the next phase of growth and securing brand differentiation along the way”

– Lick

“Your ability to capture the essence of a heritage brand for today’s customer is both poetic and relatable.

I very much appreciate and enjoy your nimble, creative minds….to believe in and ruminate on our intention, and to transform our branding statements into well-crafted messages that endure and amplify the overall narrative.”

– Cath Kidston

Not sure I want everyone to hear about Sonder & Tell. Honestly, it’s a problem. They have become a trusted creative partner.

Adding much-needed magic and discipline to our comms. It is genuinely bittersweet that I recommend the S&T team. They are really nice and smart. But then again… maybe I should say they are horrible to work with and I wouldn’t bother. Damn. How about they are alright.

– THE OUT powered by Jaguar Land Rover

​​“Sonder and Tell have been wonderful partners to the UK Bumble team and helped us craft our localised tone of voice.

They ensured all team members were trained correctly in how to use the guidelines and held workshops. The whole process was enjoyable and has left us with guidelines which help us streamline our onboarding process for new joiners and agencies.”

– Bumble


“Sometimes I have to remind myself that Sonder & Tell is an agency, that the team don’t work at Jigsaw.

I’ve been working so closely with them for the last six months that they feel part of my team. Clever, witty, imaginative, driven, brilliantly-networked – I could keep going. Here’s to the next project”

– Jigsaw

“Sonder & Tell turned a brief as chaotic as family life into an inspired bit of brand thinking.

And just as our new brand book is a joy to work with, so too was the S&T team. They balanced head-in-the-clouds creativity with the clarity of seasoned wordsmiths, delivering a toolkit that’s both delightful and practical.

– Yoto

“Working with Sonder & Tell has been an excellent experience.

Emily and her team managed to truly unearth the soul of who we are as a business and channel this into a relatable tone of voice for our customers – no mean feat but they executed it brilliantly. This is a collective of talented women and delightful personalities to work with.”
– Wild Nutrition

Brand Identity

Building your Brand

Storybook positioning

Exploring and articulating your ownable difference

Brand Story

Bringing your difference to life for your team and your customers

Tone of Voice

A distinctive brand language with guidelines on how to use it

Mission ,Vision, Values

What do you stand for and how do you express your views?


The art and science of giving brands and products a name

Brand Book

A story-driven narrative which brings your entire brand world to life

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Creative Communications

Speaking Out


Applying your tone of voice to every touchpoint of your brand


Teaching your team to use your voice and level up their writing skills

Content Strategy

Telling your story across every platform

Creative Content

Ideas and execution for newsletters, blogs, magazines and even books


Crafting big-splash narratives for brand activations and product launch

Digital and UX

Optimising website structure and CRM journeys for your story

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Collaborative sessions where we conceptualise the nuts and bolts of your brand and set up your team to take it forward.

  • Brand Story

    A positioning is the space you occupy in a customer’s mind. A storybook positioning brings that world to life.

    This workshop will take your team on a captivating journey to define your storybook positioning. With a hero, a landscape and you as the guide. 

    “Working with Sonder & Tell gave us a north star for our brand. In a collaborative session, we identified our customer and competition and they positioned us with a personality-driven tone to cut through.”
    – Matthew Aubrey, Homethings

  • Tone of Voice

    Brands that have crafted their tone of voice are so real that we can imagine them walking around as human beings.

    This workshop will help you craft ownable tone from your positioning, with tips and tricks for bringing you voice to life.

    “I was looking for an agency to help me develop a new TOV for my team – something unique, punchy and easy to adopt. It was great working with S&T to crystallise our brand in a way that really spoke to our values”
    – Matilda Egere-Cooper, Sweaty Betty

  • Communicating Impact

    Led by Sustainability Strategist Amirah Jiwa, this session takes a holistic view of impact and focuses on Sustainability, Inclusivity and Progressive politics.

    Through interactive exercises you’ll learn how to communicate impact both effectively and responsibly.

    “Beyond the Buzzwords was enjoyable, insightful and useful. There’s so much there for us to utilise in our larger comms, but also on a day-to-day basis. So thank you for the attention to detail, enthusiasm and in-depth analysis”.
    – Harry Foley, Gymshark

What keeps you up at night?

  • "We can’t articulate our purpose”

  • “Our brand story is all about the founder"

  • “Our brand story is all about the founder"

  • “The team can’t tell our story”

  • “How do we express a point of view?”

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